Our Story

Welcome to Beyond Beef a vertically integrated Wagyu company.

We are a family owned enterprise where honesty and integrity are our non negotiable values.  We are so dependent and thankful to our FATHER for all the blessings we enjoy.  It’s a privilege to be stewards of the land and the animals entrusted to us.  We have an absolute passion for meat  and the Wagyu breed.

We called ourselves Beyond Beef………… as this is exactly what we aim to do.

Breeding cattle,  Retail butcheries,  Wholesale Fabrication Plants,  Abattoirs,  feedlotting  and  Crop Farming has always been a way of life for us.  We introduced Wagyu genetics into our cattle herds in 2009.  Our first Full bloods were born in 2011.  With various embryo and semen imports from  America  and  Australia, our  South African Wagyu bloodline is now among the best in the world.

We take great care in each production process from genetic imports,  breeding,  cattle husbandry,  feedlot production,  slaughter process,  fabrication and  distribution  to live up to our name …. going beyond.

The production of Wagyu beef in South Africa is highly regulated, DNA verification on all registered animals and progeny testing are mandatory. Only the very best proven genetics are imported for breeding allowing us in SA to produce this world renowned beef. Performance data is used to select dams and sires in the production bulls,  females,  semen  and  embryos to ensure optimum results for our clients.

Our Philosophy

Is to ensure that the final product meet the consumer’s expectations.
Continually studying Wagyu genetics to find and breed new generation bulls that can outperform their sires.

Our breeding goals need to translate to a more affordable final product.
Farm management and animal husbandry must be of the highest standard – not negotiable.

Research, trial and error of perfecting a feed ration, and the study of genetics and differrent bloodlines are all ongoing criticals for our seedstock production.

We are committed to keeping our clients on the cutting edge of only the most outstanding functional genetics available in the world. In this way adding value to everyone’s business that partners with us.

Beyond Beef Blockchain™

is a registered trademark that guarentees our commitment to a good business journey and a quality controlled safe product.

Beef Blockchain

guarentee includes:
  • All beef is source verified
  • All beef is DNA Wagyu sire certified
  • All beef is free from growth hormones and antibiotics
  • Feedrations are free from animal by-products
  • Humane cattle husbandry practices
  • Export standard meat processing protocols
  • Comprehensive health and safety protocols

Cattle Blockchain

guarantee includes:
  • Holistic Herd Health Management Programme
  • Strict quarentine protocols
  • Comprehensive data recording
  • Breeding backed by carcass performance
All protocols and certifications are done by independaent sevice providers and audited bi-annually

Committed to sourcing the best possible genetics in the world for our South African herd.


Recognising that the advantage and future of Wagyu is to improve the carcass quality of the commercial cattle herd in our country. Beyond Beef is dedicated and focused to play a sustainable role in the red meat industry. Wagyu beef is an international product in high demand, if produced cost effectively,  future export opportunities really excites us.