Certified South African Wagyu Beef

Protocol Introduction:

Wagyu beef can be described as beef emanating from a bovine animal that has a proven genetic predisposition to produce intense marbling in certain muscles and is generally known for its high quality and tenderness. Wagyu beef generally commands higher prices due to its inherent superior quality and specialised production regimes under which these animals are produced.

Certified South African Wagyu Beef (CSAWB) is a registered trademark of the Wagyu Society of South Africa (WSSA) that is used to certify the origin and quality of beef that is marked and sold under this trademark.

The ultimate aim of the trademark is to ensure that all processed beef conform to specific conditions in terms of how animals were:

  • Bred (descent or genetic background)
  • Reared (from birth to 7 months of age)
  • Finished (from 7 to 30 months of age)
  • Slaughtered (quality and food safety)
  • Processed and Packed (quality, food safety and branding)
  • Marketed (recognisable quality product)

in order to ensure that the superior quality is achieved on a consistent sustainable basis and most importantly experienced by the consumer.

To achieve these objectives, the WSSA has designed and implemented a certification program where all relevant steps of the production process are

  • Defined
  • Documented
  • Traced and
  • Independently audited

Participation in the CSAWB – programme is open to all South African beef cattle farmers that subscribes to the programme and follows the protocols as set out in this document. Other role players that may participate in the program can include

  • Feedlots
  • Abattoirs
  • Meat Processing plants
  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers
  • Restaurants

that subscribe to the programme and follow the relevant protocols. All role players should be formal registered participants of the CSAWB-programme.

Beyond Beef have further defined this protocol under our brand with the aim to take our cattle husbandry practises to the ulitimate level of resposibility, traceability and health.

Please ask us for a detailed PDF copy of the program as described here.