Akaushi cattle consistently produce high quality beef that creates the best eating experience I have ever known.  The cattle have also proven to offer great maternal characteristics and acclimatize very well.  As we leap forward to grow the breed, we are opening up to other progressive ranchers to help expand the breed in size and stature.  By growing the breed we can grow our beef industry, which allows this delicious beef to be enjoyed across our country and the world.  Since 2013, we at HeartBrand have graded 20,636 head with 41 percent grading USDA Prime and only 2 percent select.
At HeartBrand, our mission is to produce the best beef money can buy, and we want you to take part in that experience with us. We strongly believe Akaushi is one of the most promising breeds for the next 20+ years, and look forward to watching the breed to continue to grow in the US and internationally.
Thank you for your interest in our program,
Jordan Beeman – President of Heartbrand


The last eight years my experience with Akaushi genetics has given me first-hand appreciation of not only the carcass dominance, but how versatile these cattle can be in any producer’s environment.  It truly is impressive!  The passion I have for the Akaushi breed is fueled by the improvement of both beef quality and carcass consistency.  Customer feedback has played a huge roll in the continual development of the breed.  I feel the future for Akaushi is tremendous given the increasingly high demand for the beef and nationwide usage of the modern-type beef bulls we develop.
The goal of the nucleus foundation herd is the production of quality fullblood genetics that will set the standard for marbling, without
negating cattle performance and improve basic phenotypic build.  Commercially, HeartBrand’s Akaushi genetics give producers a clear advantage on a value based marketing system.  As weaned calves or in the meat, predictability and quality always demand a premium. I would love to help you with any questions on the cattle and find the genetics that help meet your operations goals.  From calving ease to maternal longevity we have bloodlines and bulls that are more predictable for certain traits.  Here’s the opportunity to purchase unrestricted genetics from our top sires that were once not accessible.
JoJo Carrales, Vice President – CATTLE OPERATIONS





HeartBrand Africa new Joint Venture between

Beyond Beef and HeartBrand Beef


We are proud to announce that we are now the distributors for all HeartBrand genetics into Africa.  After our last visit to Heartbrand in the USA we learnt that we had lots of common interests.  HeartBrand stands for all the same values that we believe are not negotiable in the seed stock industry. Integrity, honesty and a product that delivers,  are a few of these common values.  The next step was a very natural move towards where we decided to create a JV so that we can present and market these unique genetics in Africa.  We are honored to be associated and to uphold the HeartBrand name in Africa.

Thank you to the Beeman family for this opportunity.


Please look through the Sire Catalog below to see the best genetics in the world outside of Japan.

Follow these link to see what Embryos and Semen we have for sale in South Africa:

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