Here are some of our Black Japanese Wagyu Females we have for sale at the moment:

These bulls are all international imports and were produced from spesific overseas donor cows that we matched with 2 bulls called :


His Sire was the bull Fukutsuru 068 one of the original live exports from Japan in 1994.  This bull has been the top marbling bull in the USA for many years. He has also been genotyped as a 100% from the Tajima strain.

See his EBV      and


A bull from the proven Aizakura dam line and one of Blackmore’s herd sires.

See his EBV

These embryo combinations were specifically selected to achieve our breeding goals of cows that will have:

  • Good marbling and fineness
  • Good milk and carcass weight

and most importantly a cow that can raise her calf and wean them at our target weight.


Photos of each individual to follow within a month or two…