F1 Wagyu Heifers and Cows for sale :


Our purebred cattle emanate from our feeding program.  When we produce F1 feeders for the feedlot we select the top 50% heifers from each seasons group.  At the age of 12 months we do our final selection and only keep the best 25% from this group.  The rest all go into our feeding program to produce great Beyond Beef Steaks.

Most of our F1 (50% Black Wagyu content) are bred back to Akaushi bulls for meat production.

We always have Purebred F1 and F2 heifers and cows available for sale. They will either be in calf or with calf (F2 Offspring  – 75% Wagyu content).

This is the most cost effective way to enter into the Wagyu Industry.  We can supply a great bull with a few F1 cows either in calf or with calves for you to start your own Wagyu production.

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F1 Wagyu  cow with a calf from a Tajima FB bull with an Akaushi F2 calf