BB 15 – 130 Rueshaw Composite

This young 2 year old bull has 3 of the most influential Wagyu sires in his bloodline ever to leave Japan.  His grandsire is Rueshaw 74 is from Rueshaw the Japanese National Champion out of a Shigemaru dam.  His dam is from a 100% Tajima bull Fukutsuru out of a Itozurudoi TF151 dam.  Itozurudoi TF151 was so influential in the Takeda Farm herd that they deemed it critical to clone this bulls.  This is the only bull Mr. Takeda has cloned from all the genetics he has bred over the years.  Fukutsuru is well known for his marbling transmitting abilities as a Tajima sire.  This bull was purpose bred to retain great marbling but most importantly to increase carcass size and rib eye area which are the most economically relevant traits in this breed.