Our Custom Feeding Regime  –  20  to  32 months of age


Our custom feeding final stage is run from our Freestate farms near Marquard.


Free State farm near Marquard


Finishing Wagyu cattle the Japanese way is a process that that been in operations for hundreds of years.  It is a specialized custom ration design from many different opinions,  overseas visits,  ancient methodology  and the lastest technical expertise.  Our rations have taken us 3 years to define and its probably and ongoing process to become more and more efficient.

We receive cattle from our backgrounding fase at 20 months of age and feed them a further 12 months in this the final stage of production.  Between  32 – 36   months our first cattle are now ready for harvesting.

The 2,5 years hosting and feeding these cattle are by far largest portion of the total cost of this production process. It is a privilege to work with these fantastic animals that are predisposed to give us such a wonderful end product.

One of the feedlots where we finish the cattle of the last 12 months
Feed bunkers where the silage is stored used in our ration
F2 Akauashi @ 800Kg getting closer to his slaughter weight
Freshly mixed ration fed twice dialy
Final stage month 12 – All over 850Kg live
950 kg and ready to be slaughtered


Satisfied and Happy. F1 Feeders in the final stage.
F2 Akauashi @ 850Kg dressed out at 63%